Here are a few of our milestones from the last couple of months
and an in-depth look at what we have planned for the future.

Pre - 200,000 Block


Create hyperfast difficulty adjustment algorithm (Ahab)
Create unique reward structure with Follower fund
Release Whitepaper and BCT announcement
Launch website and social media

Genesis Block

Sep 4, 2017

Launched with 1 coin per block reward to limit incentives and test Ahab
Ramped up to reward of 15 coins per block at block 1,000


Facilitate creation of mining pools
WhaleCoin Block Explorer
Web and Desktop Wallets
Facilitate Exchange Integration
Relaunch Website

Post - 200,000 Block

Launch Social Network

Nov 2017 - Feb 2018

Whale and Follower rewards contract launch
Launch decentralized social network
Smart contract based role assignments and rewards distribution
Initiate moderator role
Launch WhaleCoin plugins for other popular social networks
Launch special access Whale and Follower dashboards supporting key insights, metrics, and easy reward distribution
Ethereum checkpoint anchoring to protect against 51% attacks


Spring 2018

Continue to adjust reward mechanics for optimal incentives
Improve UX Design of social network and dashboards

Looking Forward to Block 200K

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The Roadmap for WhaleCoin

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